Hello, friends.

Big life changes are coming, so I’m starting a blog!

I’m hoping this will help me stay in touch with family and friends across the miles and years ahead, keep in the habit of writing regularly, and force myself to do things interesting enough to write about.

Why adventuresundays?  Well, I certainly enjoy a good adventure.  Even the throw-everything-up-in-the-air-and-go-live-a-new-life kind of adventure. Dev is an adventurer too—if you know either of us well enough to know which residency she ranked first, you know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t, stay tuned.

Dating long distance has meant that we can’t always see each other for long stretches at a time, but we’ve taken marrow-sucking advantage of three- and four-day weekends when we can.  We’re pretty good at it!  In six months of cross-country courtship, we’ve been to seven states and twenty-two municipalities.  Whether during a longer visit or a shorter, some of our best adventures so far have been on Sundays.  Here is a sampling:

The Sunday in September where we drove down to Westerly for the Ocean State Beer Festival (the first one!).

The Sunday in January when we drove the Falcon down Route 1 from Santa Barbara to LA and had a picnic on the beach.


Not a picture from that day.  But this car rules, amiright?

The Sunday in February where we fueled up the Batmobile and tried to Save the City.

The day before yesterday, tromping through Purgatory Chasm (and using my dad’s old trick to keep the skeeters at bay).

Next year, in residency,  Dr. Dev probably won’t have that many Sundays off.  But I will!  And as a stranger in a strange land, I am determined to explore and explode outward into my new surroundings, wherever they may be.

Lastly, a shoutout to the Reverend/Mother Paula.  Any time I’m ever stuck in a rut, or bored, or moving to a new place, or hoping to make new friends, or having a Feeling of any kind, Reverend Mama tries to make me go to church.  It’s kind of (literally) her job.  And I’m really not too keen on the whole shebang.  But weekly communing with others, with nature, with my own creativity, or with a Feeling of any kind?  That I can get behind.  So you (RevMa and others) are invited to hold me accountable.  Sundays or not, I have to invest in my own exploration if I’m going to make this gamble pay off.

And I’m guessing little Doogie Howser will join me on some adventures, too.

Version 3

Please don’t drop me; I don’t even like you.



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