It’s been almost two weeks since I moved to Anchorage, and today I (very briefly) stopped back in Providence for my last visit in the known future.

With my limited time, I swooped into Vanuatu Coffee Roasters to use the wifi, thus completing the coffee section of my Rhode Island Bucket List!  In other categories, though, I am admittedly leaving things undone.  Moving my departure date up four days to catch Dev’s all-residency campout meant giving up some of my most anticipated goals, such as finishing the RI brewery trail (conspicuously missing from my first list: Mohegan Cafe and Brewery on Block Island) and circumnavigating the state in one day with a symbolic terminus at Bucket Brewery.

RI Map

I had a good plan, though!

Here is an update on what I managed to accomplish in my last few weeks in RI.

Eat and Drink

I am proud to say I made it to every restaurant I posted on my list!  One place that I forget to put on the list, though, and which I didn’t get to visit, is Crazy Burger in Narragansett.  I hear if you gather a big enough posse for your birthday (and give the restaurant advance warning), they will give you a free cake! This is just a rumor, though.  You should call and ask.  They have vegan burgers too!

Here’s where I did go for the first time since I first posted my list:

  • Pizza J Yummy pizza!  More of a sit-down place than I realized, so don’t expect to grab a slice and go.
  • Kitchen The best the best the best.  All the hype is true.  And it really is just one guy and his kitchen.  Expect to get there massively early and wait.  I recommend the bacon hash if you can get it.

    We were waiting in line before it was cool.

  • Nick-A-Nee’s It probably would have been more fun if I had caught a show here.  But friendly service, fun space, and a fireplace!
  • Allie’s Donuts I didn’t actually go there.  But I had a donut.  I’m counting it.
  • Harry’s Bar and Burgers Yummy little sliders.  And BOOZY MILKSHAKES!

    You go, Tiffany!  You’re a DOCTOR now!  You deserve it.

  • I capped off my restaurants at Ten Rocks Tapas Bar  .  The food was pretty good and they have Groupons all the time!  There is also a good set-up for live music inside, and a swanky back patio.
    IMG_3639 (1).jpg

    As a mildly irrelevant sidenote, this is literally (he claims) the first selfie Josh has ever been a part of.


  • New Harvest Coffee and Spirits It’s really more of a fancy cocktail bar.  And I LOVE it.  Both the cold drinks and the hot tea-and coffee-inspired ones were, well, inspired.  This place and Kitchen get my highest recommendation as places that I wish I had discovered earlier.  Go there, indulge, and think of me.


Here’s where the big adventures were had.

  • Paw Sox game  Major thanks to my friends Katherine, Ashley, and Cam (alias Puppy Dog) for taking me to my first (and only) Paw Sox game!  These three are seasoned pros; when we caught a foul ball Cam actually had a sizable collection to add it to. We were lucky enough to catch a double header between the Sox and the Rochester Red Wings, the same match-up that played pro ball’s longest game ever in 1981.
  • Providence Gallery Night!  Tiffany and I explored Gallery Night on foot on her last Thursday in town.  Our favorite place was really more of a jewelry and curiosity shop, Copacetic Rudely Elegant Jewelry.  I liked the name.  And all the clocks.
  • PVD Fest I had no idea how epic this would be.  On my walk home on Saturday night, I counted no fewer than nine separate performances going on, including at least four big stages all over the downtown area.  This was totally free and totally rad.  I hope it continues to be funded and become a staple of Providence culture in years to come!
  • One last thing I forgot to put on my list (but which was seriously awesome) was a visit to the Stuck-Up Bridge between Providence and East Prov, more officially called the Seekonk River Drawbridge or the Crook Point Bascule Bridge, and which I’ve also heard called the Ghost Bridge.  This iconic railroad bridge has been out of commission (and “stuck up”) since 1976, and is scarily accessible to urban explorers.I was definitely not dressed appropriately, but wandering around here in between visits to the Athenaeum and the Arcade truly was the ultimate Adventure Sunday.  If you want to check the bridge out from closer than the shore, be careful!  You can find it behind the little park on Gano Street over by the Dunkin Donuts.

And with that most Rhode Island of all prepositional phrases, I bid farewell to the littlest state and head off to make my home in the biggest.  Little Rhody, I love you.  I don’t know when, but I’ll be back.


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