Technically, the last two weeks have been my second foray into Alaska.

During my real first foray, I was much cuter and more stylish.

But let’s be real.  I decided to live in the 49th state without knowing how it would be.  And so far, it’s great!  This month, I spent time in Anchorage (my new city of residence), Girdwood (where the redneck-flavored hippy Forest Fair was happening), and Trail River Campground (on the Kenai Peninsula).  I saw a bear cub rooting around my Airbnb bungalow, wandered past mother-baby moose on the city bike path, and said “oh my god, we live here” half-disbelievingly about a million times.  The first real Adventure Sunday involved beating a path much farther than we expected from the road to the river and picking hundreds of blueberries while we sang and hollered to stave off bears.

So far, the verdict is: Alaska is awesome.  You should come visit us.



2 thoughts on “Alaska: First Foray

  1. picking blueberries just like sal! did you put any into pancakes?
    beautiful photos of alaska! and of you and dev and doogie and your new friends!


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